Egypt�s Biodiversity
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Egypt has been endowed with a unique variety of ecosystems and a corresponding variety of wildlife that ranges from Eurasian species to purely sub-Saharan species. Because of its generally dry hot climate and arid terrain much of the fauna and flora is desert adapted and often hard to find, so the visitor may be excused for thinking that the desert is deserted! This is very far from the case.
The country’s location at the north-east corner of Africa makes it a land bridge between Africa and Eurasia with the result that since the dawn of time it has been crossed and recrossed by migratory people. Inevitably many of the migrants stayed giving Egypt one of the most diverse populations in Africa.

Along the Mediterranean coasts are the Awlad Ali, Arabs who originated in the Arabian Peninsula. The Hamitic, Bishariin and Ababda live in the southern portion of the Eastern Desert; The people of the Siwa are Berbers. There are many more.
Since 2001, millions of people both Egyptians and foreign visitors have visited the Protected Areas. In many PAs, the infrastructure is in place to receive them, in other PAs it is in the process of being set up. One of the most popular occupations is diving in the Red Sea and Germany alone annually sends a nearly million divers to explore the spectacular reef system.